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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ok, this one doesn't deal with sex. Its about my son.

Dear Family At Chuck E. Cheese,

Dear Family that stared around in alarm when my son began to pick at the pizza on their plates,

I am SO sorry. I promise you manners are a really big deal in my house, but being patrons of Chuck E. Cheese yourself, I am sure you understand that those manners and other childhood lessons fly out the window in places like that. How can my son be expected to focus on only HIS food in a place that encourages a kid to be a kid?

Never the less, my son WAS scolded but to the matriarch of that family, I really didn't appreciate your snide remark about me being a young parent. Are three year olds born to 20 year olds THE ONLY kids in the world that have done this? Because I saw a kid eating cake off of the floor earlier...and he wasn't my kid!

Anyway, thanks for not smacking my kid's hands (I did it for you when we got back to our booth) and thanks for not having us thrown out (btw, after your remark about me young, I kept a close eye on your kids and your little boy? Well, he displays some Michael C. Hall via Dexter tendencies if you ask me-trapping the other kids in the 'dark room'. And um, just so you know, you're SUPPOSED to keep your socks on but your daughter was running around completely barefooted. Aren't you and all older moms worried about things like fungus?). But hey, what do I know? I'm just raising a kid in my early 20s and everyone knows that only three year olds that belong to 20-some year olds have the mentality that everything is theirs right? I'm sure YOUR three year old has never thrown a fit and gotten upset when you said no-because you're 36 and gave birth after marriage, right?

I suggest if you want to get into that Heaven that your kids are learning about every Sunday when you drag them to church to keep up appearances you make sure to learn a little lesson about JUDGEMENT because my age had nothing to do with what my son was doing. It was embarrassing enough when I caught my son eating your food-don't you think you could have had some GRACE and COMPASSION instead of making a snide remark about my age? Its women like YOU who make younger moms like me who are actually FANTASTIC parents feel inferior and nervous about going out in public. But don't worry about that because you can keep on with that upper hand in play groups, ok?


The Incompetent 23 Year Old Of The Sweetest and Most Intelligent Almost 3 Year Old At Chuck E. Cheese on July 18, 2011  ((xox))

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