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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anal Eaze Is Not Lube

Okay, so let me just throw this out there. I had anal sex the other night. Hurricane Irene knocked out our power and our son was in bed and we needed something to do. Well, when you've been together for like, five years, sex can get kinda boring. I mean, its not BAD per se. Its just very familiar and we've kinda gotten it down to a certain formula:  15mins of foreplay. 15 mins of penetration in one position. 15 mins in another. 2mins of orgasm. 13mins of cuddling.

So, since we had a ton of time to kill since we had no electricity, we decided we would attempt anal sex.

Now, anal sex is kinda difficult for me. I have a small asshole. I mean, I dont know-are assholes like vaginas? Are there different sizes? Well, if there are, mine is an XXS-extra extra small. Its barely even exit only.

That's gross and TMI. Sorry.

Anyway, so we decided to use Anal Eaze. Its a product that I purchased at a Slumber Party. Its supposed to numb the anus so penetration is not painful.

Now, I Slumber Parties. I'm training to be a consultant. But it didn't work. It. Didnt. Work.

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