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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Use these face products and get laid

I am a True Blue Spa addict. If you're not addicted to TBS, you should be.

Its reasonably priced and it works WONDERS. Its amazing stuff.

I have terrible skin. Really, in order for me to get on my hot girl disguise, I've gotta pile on a ton of Bare Minerals  powder foundation, plus stuff beneath the circles under my eyes. And that's before I put on any eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

Two days ago, I bought a whole collection of True Blue Spa stuff and its FABULOUS. Here's my routine and in only 2 days, i'm seeing results. Awesome.

I start with the peppermint scrub. I love this stuff. It smells great and feels even better on my face. I have large pores. I don't know if you know this but if you're going to exfoliate your face, you need to make sure its not a face scrub that is very grainy. That'll rub your pores raw and leave them more open for bacteria-making you more prone to breakouts. I wash my face with that and then pat it dry.

I put on a moisturizer-i'm a huge fan of CO Bigelow stuff. I know its catered toward men, but honestly, it just feels great and I like the way it smells. I have a ton of their lip gloss, but that's another post. After my moisturizer is on, i might put the de-puff eye stuff on. Then I put on my make-up as usual.

Since I have such bad skin, I don't wear make-up all day. The second I get home from work, I wash it all off-i use Pat Wex face wash. Then I use the TBS Fizzing Foaming Face Wash with Green Tea. I love it because you can feel it fizz up and foam instantly. You can really feel it cleaning your pores.

Some days I can feel a bad breakout coming on-this hasn't been the case recently, but I've been using the TBS pumpkin mask just because it feels great and it makes my face smell like a pie. Its a win-win. I put it on, leave it on for about 10mins and then wash it off. Fabulous.

Before bed, I wash my face-normally with Pat Wex anti-aging face wash. Then I put on the Blackberry Purifying Peel-Off mask. I let it dry and leave it on for 20mins, and then peel it off. I can feel the grime and dirt being pulled out. My face feels GREAT afterwards and very smooth. After that, I put on another moisturizer and head to bed.

I'm not normally a huge advocate of products but I will say I've seen a different with True Blue Spa. They have a full body line-stuff for your feet, hands, whole body, everything. I can't wait to get some more of the There's the Rub body scrub. It does wonderful things to my elbows :)

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